About Me

Astrid Unanue

Astrid Unanue was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
She first stepped into the artistic world as a ballerina as young as 4 years old. From there, her passion for creativity and artistic development was born.

Her passion for dance took her to New York City when she was only 15 years old, where she was able to develop her passion but also has faced with the realities of immigration and hard work.

My Family

Later one she has her first kid, Franco. He was the awakening of a totally different side of her. And that awakening made her try even harder to supply the best possible life for him.

Later one came Randy(8), Rocco(7), Rudy(6) and Teddy(4). And with this amazing family, Astrid soon saw herself around toddlers 24/7. This pushes her even harder to become not o the success so she could provide the best life to her kids but also set the best possible example for them.

Ballerina, Artist & Founder of Pacha Films

My Projects

Astrid’s first venture in the entertainment business was with Eduardo and Alejandro Monteverde. Monteverde directed amazing films like Bella and Little Boy.
Together they created Pacha Films, a production company that aims to create meaningful content that brings awareness to high impact subjects and that is committed to making this world a better place through storytelling.
Pacha Films seeks to communicate positive messages and develop international talent,
through powerful content.